Sunday, 27 October 2013

Finished: Kelly Skirt

After months of procrastinating the final stages, I've finally finished my Kelly skirt! (and after months more procrastination, finally blogged it!)

This is a pretty great beginner pattern and I love how versatile it is. I'm already thinking about my next version. 

I chose a red fabric (I assume it's some kind of polyester but I have no idea), since I couldn't find a chambray at my local fabric shop, Fabric Land in Kingston I'm glad I chose something a bit different though, as now I have something a bit more unique for my wardrobe! 

I found the cutting and sewing of this a lot easier than the Meringue skirt because there were a lot fewer pieces and they were rather conveniently rectangular. 

The only part I had a problem with was the buttonholes. I didn't interface my placket out of laziness but this made trying to make the buttonholes impossible. I must have tried for about an hour before a quick google let me know I'd made a big mistake. Picking apart everything to go back and interface the placket was pretty unappealing so I hacked it. I cut little squares of interfacing and stuck them down quite lightly and sewed on my buttonholes, then ripped off the interfacing again. I don't think it worked too badly!

How my skirt sat for months while I sulked about buttonholes
I couldn't fit the waistband under my buttonhole foot though, so I sewed a hook and eye here and sewed the buttons on the top. It's causing some pretty weird gaping though, as you can see below, so I think I'll have to add another hook and eye underneath. 

I can't go the entire post without exclaiming about how much I love the pockets on this skirt! A skirt with pockets! And I even managed to find matching buttons in John Lewis!

I love my new skirt despite my problems and I'm already thinking about getting some chambray to make version two! 

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