Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Autumn Haul

Having just for back from a trip to the Christmas market in Lille in which I spent more money on fabric than Christmas presents, I figure it's time for a haul post!

I started off with a trip to Goldhawk Road on Wednesday, where I got three metres of this beautiful floral fabric, which may become an Anna dress or perhaps another dress.

I also picked up two metres of chambray, destined for another Kelly skirt or maybe a Moss mini (which I scored for 20% off in Grainline Studios Black Friday sale), along with this camo print for another skirt. 

In Lille, one of the first places I headed was the Wazemmes market, after a google for fabric in Lille. I have my priorities! Here was my first chance to put my limited French to good use in buying three metres of a floral red fabric. I was thinking about a Belladone dress for this one, to honour it's French source (despite the fact it's actually a Japanese cotton).

I was in a Christmassy mood, so I picked up two metres of pretty red plaid for a circle skirt for the holiday season! It seems to be already lined which is convenient! 

I accidentally stumbled upon a fabric store with gorgeous fashion fabrics, precut. I chose this adorable bow print corduroy, a metre and a half, with which I'm hoping to squeeze out a skirt. Another Moss maybe?

My favourite purchase was found here as well, three metres of a navy polyester with a gold feather print, that is going to become a pretty fantastic dress, I hope. 

My final craft stop was La Droguerie, an amazing craft shop in the middle of Old Lille. They had beautiful hand crafted yarns, beads, fabric and other notions. I managed to control myself and only picked up a few things. Firstly I chose some adorable bias bindings. I have no idea what I'll use them for but I couldn't resist. I could have bought so many more, they had an incredible variety!

Then I couldn't leave without getting some yarn, my only trouble was deciding! I eventually chose some bulky baby alpaca wool in pink and off-white, for a cowl. Being so soft, I want to use it for something where I'll appreciate it! 

I think I'm going to be on a craft shopping ban for a while after getting all of that, but at least it will keep me busy for the rest of winter! 

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