Friday, 25 May 2012


My order from Stitch Me Lane arrived today, and it's lovely!

It arrived in a cute pink package.

And even better were the things inside the package!

I saw this ribbon in their store and had to have it. It will be great to wrap up knitted gifts! I bought 3 metres of it, so I had better get knitting!

This fabric will soon turn into 3 little matching pouches for my friends and I!

Not quite sure yet what lies in the future for these, but I couldn't resist!

This was a great way to start my morning, especially since I was feeling incredibly anxious before an exam! Thank you Stitch Me Lane!


  1. Excited to see the progress of your little projects!!! Can't wait :) Keep updating ^^ <3

  2. lovely fabrics! I just bought a sewing machine and hoping to make pillows! lol

  3. Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X