Thursday, 17 May 2012

May Wishlist

Inspired by my friend, Yi, I've decided to write a (slightly craftier) May wishlist!

Quilt backing

I've started making my first quilt, using Jelly Roll Quilts (a book I've been coveting for a loooong time, and which I got for my birthday). I've already bought the jelly roll, background fabric and binding, but I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over what the best backing fabric is. I think I've finally decided on this one though.

£2.50 per 50cm (110cm wide), Make and Do

I'd known about Etsy for a long time, but I've only just discovered Folksy, the UK-only equivalent. I was thrilled to discover a huge range of beautiful fabrics, without the eye-watering shipping charges!

This is such a pretty fabric, it goes with my pink theme, and the price is so reasonable! I also need wadding for the middle of the quilt, but that's not nearly so fun to shop for.

Pouch Fabric

I saw this adorable tutorial for a boxy pouch on Pinterest (link to my account in the sidebar) and it looks so easy for a beginner. 

Click for the tutorial

While looking for quilt backing, I found this cute bow and buttons fabric, again on Folksy, and immediately decided it would be perfect for my boxy pouch! 

£3.20 per fat quarter, Stitch Me Lane

Each fat quarter makes 3 pouches, so I can make one for me and two for my best friends!

Cami DIY

£2.50, Forever 21

I really want to try my hand at some clothing, so I thought I'd start with a fairly easy project. I'm planning on embellishing a basic cami top from Forever 21 with a big black satin bow. 

£16.99, New Look [sold out]

I was inspired by this top in New Look that is now sold out, but looks fairly easy to recreate. I think a black bow will look better though, to create a bit more contrast.

Now I just have to get through the rest of my exams, so I can get busy with my sewing machine, making all of this! What are you currently coveting, crafty or otherwise?

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