Friday, 8 February 2013


I went on a trip to Ikea with my best friends a little while back.. I love it there for the cheap, useful homeware  but I really wanted to check out the fabric this time.

Photo by Fimagine 

When we finally got around the whole store and into the market hall, I walked straight past the fabric. It was only once I got to the end and asked an employee that I realised. It was hidden away with all the quilts and bedding! I dragged my friends back and was completely spoilt for choice. I eventually picked out two prints. A gingham red cotton (£6/metre) and a thinner white cotton with numbers printed all over (£3/metre).

(On a side note, are the scissors at IKEA quite possibly the worst, most blunt scissors in the world? I think so!)

I'm happy with my purchases though, and I'm thinking of trying a Colette Sorbetto with the white print. 

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