Monday, 16 July 2012

Knitted Bows

I'm waiting to move in to my new flat in just over a week. This means, however, that I'm living at my parents' house, with boxes everywhere, all over the floor. It's not really conductive to sewing though, as I can barely get to my sewing machine. So I've gone back to my first love, knitting!

I just wanted some small projects to work on. Something with instant gratification.

So I made these! Knitted bows. Each of them takes under an hour to make, and they're so cute! They're pretty addictive though. I can't stop thinking about all the different combinations I can make!

I'll probably end up sticking them in my etsy shop at some point. I'm still not sure whether to make them into brooches or hair clips. I think they'd work great in both ways!

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