Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bow Headband

I'm always looking for things to knit that aren't wintery. I have hundreds of scarves and more hats and gloves than I could ever really use. This bow headband may still not be suitable for summer, but it's still nice to knit something a bit different.

I'd never knit short rows before and mine are far from perfect. I used the wrap and turn instructions from the pattern, but still have some small holes. They're not very obvious though and the bow mostly covers them. I also had a bit of a problem, having used smaller needles - my headband wasn't long enough. I managed to crochet a portion to lengthen it, which is thankfully covered by the bow (it's not pretty).

The pattern is from NorthThirty-Fourth and it was really easy to follow - a beginner shouldn't really struggle too much with anything except maybe the wrapping and turning.

I used Dream in Colour Classy in Grey Tabby, which is a really nice 100% merino wool yarn. It used up a minuscule amount of the ball though, so maybe I'll have to make another!

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