Thursday, 28 June 2012

June Wishlist

Just about squeezing this wishlist into June!

Fabric is still top of my list. Seeing all of the beautiful fabrics everyone is using is really bad for my bank account! Some of the ones I'm coveting at the moment:

Timeless Treasures from Stitch Me Lane (I swear I'm not connected to them in any way! They're just a lovely shop!)

Spoonflower. This place is fantastic for some really interesting prints, but the shipping to the UK puts me off a little. I think it's only worth it for buying over a yard. I love the black cat print. It reminds me of some of the printed blouses on the high street at the moment. 

I love the Moda Walk in the Woods collection by Aneela Hoey. After I've finished the quilt I'm making (..which could well be months), I'm thinking of making Hexagon Park with it.

Seeing all the pretty pins people have in their pincushion makes me a little ashamed of my boring plain ones! I love some of the cute ones people have pinned on pinterest!

With Fabric and Thread has been appearing all over my blog reader recently. Seeing all of the adorable projects in there, it's clearly with good reason. I really love the slippers and the flower pincushion!

I'd love to hear what's currently on your wishlists!

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