Sunday, 24 June 2012


I could not have been happier to have checked my emails in Paris (sneakily in an Apple store by Opera Garnier) to see that I had won Stitch Me Lane and Very Berry Handmade's giveaway for a gorgeous fat quarter bundle of Lecien fabrics! (I also found out I managed to snag free tickets for a filming of QI, which I've been applying for unsuccessfully for years. Best email check ever!)

When I got home, a lovely pink package was sitting waiting for me. The first thing I did as soon as I got through the door was tear it open!

I've been admiring this fabrics, seeing them all over the blogosphere, and I am so excited to have them. My fabric stash was (and still is) pretty tiny, being a beginner, so it's great to have some really beautiful fabrics to add to my collection! I think it'll take me a while before I can bear to cut into them though!

You can buy these here at Stitch Me Lane! Thank you Stitch Me Lane and Very Berry Handmade!! 

(Sorry for the very delayed post, I did receive this about a week ago!)

P.S. I can report that my camera strap was a huge improvement over the original strap, and was very heavily used while I was away!

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